5 Ways To Make Your Holiday Shopping Less Traumatic

Ya’ll.  Holiday shopping is both my favorite thing and maybe the most stressful part of my entire year.  I don’t care how prepped you are, it takes an emotional toll.  The financial hit.  Finding the perfect gift for the people you love. And please, let’s not discuss wrapping all that nonsense.  And I know your … Continue reading 5 Ways To Make Your Holiday Shopping Less Traumatic

A Snowballs Chance

Debt is miserable. Unfortunately, debt is also, oftentimes, completely necessary. It’s almost impossible to start a career without a college education, reliable transportation and resources like a professional wardrobe and functional computer with internet access. All of that costs a lot of dough. Before you can get your footing in a solid career and established … Continue reading A Snowballs Chance

Less than great expectations.

Recently a coworker sent me a study which stated that one in three U.S. adults find their financial situation is worse than they expected it to be.  This isn’t surprising to me in the least.  I’m currently in that all too common phase of life people face in their 30s: two kids, mortgage, car payments, … Continue reading Less than great expectations.